Created in 2004 XRP is the gold standard of the X platforms which Ripple uses to process high speed cross boarder transactions. Now as the RippleNet develops and expands, banks and financial institutions are signing up to this phenominal blockchain technology that. You'll find there are a lot of exchanges where you can buy XRP however we want to specifically focus on the exchanges that you can convert directly from FIAT 2 XRP.

There are two methods of buying XRP; direct and indirect. Direct is when you use GBP/EUR/USD etc (FIAT) to purchase digital assets, this is made possible by the exchange having the currency with a FIAT pair. Indirectly is done by purchasing an alternative currency for example Bitcoin (BTC) or Etherium (ETH) to then trade for XRP.

Unfortunately selling your XRP is harder than it is to purchase, when we say harder we just mean there are fewer places for XRP to FIAT pairs. You can of course sell into another digital asset then to USD to a trade into GBP but this is very long winded. Your best bet is too use an exchange that has a XRP/FIAT pair and can facilitate wire transfers straight to your FIAT account.





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