Safety & Security

So, you've taken the plunge and invested in XRP and possibly some other digital assets too. Now its time to start thinking about the safety and security of your assets, so there are some very important things to remember:

  1. Use a seperate email address to your normal day to day activities.
  2. Keep your passwords complex.
  3. Protect all account with all available security options such as 2FA.
  4. Don't store any assest on an exchange.
  5. Store your assets on a wallet or invest in cold storage (Nano Ledger)
  6. Remember not to share your passwords or any other information and keep it SAFE.

So we have our 6 important safety points, too often we hear of situations  when someones security has been breached and they have lost their assets. It's a cruel world out there and some will do anything to steal your savings.

Next we need to consider the best place to store yur XRP. There are two types of storage cold storage and hot storage,. Cold storage means that your digital assets are stored offline aka not connected to the internet. Hot storage is the opposit, so your digital assets are connected to the internet. Hot storage still protected however if any of our 6 safety points are comprimised then the risk at your assets increases also there is a chance of the wallet getting hacked.

We have compiled a list of trusted wallets and hardware  wallets that you can use to protect your assets. We would always recommend that you consider cold storage, the cost of cold vs the risk of hot can not be looked at as a negative, the investment is nothing compared to what you stand to lose.




Available on multiple platforms

Free and easy to use

Minimum deposit of 20 XRP

Exodus double as an exchange allowing you to trade you and secure your assets

Live charts to watch your assets grow

Very easy to setup, purchase XRP and use

GBP, USD, EUR bank accounts available like Revolut

Reguarly inaccessible when XRP is moving or WireX is doing an update

COLD Wallets

Ledger Live to watch your assets

Deposit assets with connecting ledger


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